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Anonymous said: im a freshman going into high school and im sooooo scared omg. what do i do!

I’ve been through this so I’ll give you my best tips!
1) don’t be annoying
2) don’t be all like omg I love this school I’m so grown up and cool
3) don’t think you’re super cool
4) don’t make any older kids angry
5) try to not bump into people and bother other people
6) run your schedule a few times so you don’t get lost
7) try to get your old friends or new together before lunch so you all can find a spot
8) don’t carry your whole room with you, try to keep it simple
9) STUDY. everyone thinks studying is stupid but you need the grades, colleges look at them
10) try to not be to stressed
11) be friends with your teachers, they’ll help you a lot.

I know some of these seem stupid or harsh but it’s just how to stay on the good side, I personally had fun my freshman year, just keep social and studies in check and you’ll be fine! It’s nothing to stress about! Love you ❤️

Would you guys like if I did a freshman advice video? I could film it tomorrow!

Anonymous said: So there's this guy, and he's in Kentucky right now... Long story. And I care about him so much and I honestly think I'm in love with him. And I miss him like crazy but all he does is just use me. And he doesn't feel the same way. And I want to tell him but I'm so scared he's going to think I'm a stalker. How do I tell him?...

If he’s using you just be like BYEEEEEE
I know it will hurt but you never let anyone use you or walk all over you. You deserve way better, and some day you’re gonna get a guy that doesn’t use you and actually deserves you. I love you okay? If u wanna talk to him try to figure things out but if he’s a jerk he’s no worth it. Love you so much okay? Stay strong ❤️


@BethanyMota: Look guys I found these super cool glasses today.. #TRXYE


@BethanyMota: Look guys I found these super cool glasses today.. #TRXYE

Anonymous said: I think this guy likes me, but is like too shy to make plans or straight ask me out and he keeps flirting with me but then blowing me off there's so many mixed signals WHAT DO I DO

Be a sassy independent woman and be like hey, you wanna go out or not? Sometimes it’s just better to be straight forward! And if he likes you then he will be fine! Love youuu ❤️

Anonymous said: i really really miss my boyfriend and i havent seen him in 2 months because of summer and we skype every night but i honestly miss kissing and cuddling and just all the things we always do when we're together. what do i do when i miss him so much omg (/.\)

Hmmm I don’t know where he is but it would be super cute to maybe surprise him! Since it’s summer I’m assuming you’re free and he is so maybe you could just jump on a flight (maybe tell his parents) and surprise him! (Like jack and Ella omg) if not stuffed animals are good cuddles :) I’m so sorry you’re feeling like this! I wish you both the best ❤️ I love you so much

If you guys like it I might do it more often :) this was so much fun it felt like a sleepover haha :) thanks so much again! I love you guys ❤️

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