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i love you to pluto and back.

                                               Bethany + Ricky

Anonymous said: Can I ask for some advice?

Sure!! im all ears :)

Anonymous said: When are you posting your video

ugh I’ve been having difficulties but I promise I’ll try to get it up asap :( ilysm ❤️

medivergentsheo said: I hope !! Tell me more about it, it's not a big deal it's age :) ily xxx

Haha well it’s really not a big deal like I’ve just seen him in the halls and he looks cute but I don’t personally know him, like he could be a totally jerk I jut think he’s cute haha :) I’ll stick to band members for now haha

dreamingeldorado said: I feel like beth got to busy . I liked it when those hey beth videos or favorites with a lot of bloopers. Almost like she is becoming too commercial .. I still love her do, but she hasnt uploaded vids for a long time now and it makes me sad in a way. Btw im from europe , but is beth on dancing with the stars, like does she have to dance ? Bc I would want to see that do ! ❤️

Yeah I agree! Like I love all these opportunities she’s getting but they all have her extremely busy and getting her out of youtube (which got her the opportunities) so it’s kinda sad tbh, yeah!! At first I thought maybe like costume design or judge but apparently she’s dancing!! Should be fun haha :) ily ❤️

medivergentsheo said: hi again sweetie, so this morning was okay I'm always stressful because tomorrow is the real first day and because I have maths...I know some people who are in my school and who are nice but i don't really have friends in my class :( and I don't really see hot boy for the moment ahahaha, ily xxx

Aww I hope it goes fine, don’t worry you’ll make friends in your classes in no time, I’ve made some new friends and it’s only the 2nd week!! Haha keep watch literally at my school there is just this one cute guy but he’s older soooo hahah :)

Anonymous said: Yeah :) pls what is dancing with the stars? Im from europe i dont know about that stuff i saw something here but i dont know hah

It’s basically a show that brings “stars” aka celebrities and teaches them to dance?? But it’s a dance contest so you vote and stuff… I personally have never watched it, I’ll watch it for Bethany tho… I think it’s going to be fun!! ❤️ ily