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i love you to pluto and back.

Anonymous said: Bethany is actually left handed

Here is for the anon wondering!!! Love you ❤️

Anonymous said: what does she use to edit her videos?

iMovie!! ❤️

Anonymous said: You're beautiful and really good at blogging. I think I want to see another hethany collab between you and Brookeeexz and I think that you should make another video, and I think you shouldn't make another blog yet, because I feel like you're just beginning to get discovered on this blog. How many followers do you have? Name them!

AWW thank you so much that means a lot! Yeah hopefully we will do something eventually but school just started and it’s been crazyyyy haha :) and I can film another simple video if you guys would like! It would have to be like a sitdown video again tho, I might be getting a laptop this weekend (which is so exciting omg) so I might be able to do a quick video if you all want!! SEND ME A SIMPLE VIDEO REQUEST IF YOU WANT!!!

And haha I’m not looking to be like famous on my personal blog or whatever I just think it would be nice to be able to post random stuff I want and I’ve been wanting to start doing some fashion things so I thought I could do it there!! But idk school again haha

Thank you so much ❤️ ily

Anonymous said: Can you post a link to see Beth's fall clothing line video?

Sure! Here :) it’s the same as the perfume commercial, you see the line at the end!! ❤️


Inspiration !!!

Bethany + 5 NO HEAT Summer Hair Styles

Anonymous said: Having three blogs is a lot to juggle! School just started and all but I'm sure everyone would also love to see a personal blog. Maybe wait a while and see if you can squeeze everything in!

Yeah that’s why I’m considering it!! I technically have 2 of my own blogs and co-own 2 others so it might be tough :/ I think I’m going to wait out maybe like 3 weeks to see how the hw load is going to be so I can see if I can fit it in! If not maybe next summer!! Thank youuu ❤️ ily

Anonymous said: you know if Beth is left or right handed?

I actually don’t know sorry!!! ily ❤️

fashiongooroo said: Hey I love your account it's so cool and gives me tons of inspiration!! 💖

AWW thank you so much!! :) that’s so nice thanks ❤️ ily

SOOO should I start a personal blog??